Kenneth Mack
Hillery Creamer

October 29, 1986 ~ May 24, 2004

17 years old

Homicide ~ Gunshot

MOTHER... Shaye B. Creamer


j j j j j j j j j j

How exactly as it seems, Mack's back

Tomorrow's not promised to us

Though I hope it comes ne'er out slack

E'en though I'm gone, don't make a fuss.

Throw a party, got love for ya, Mack's back

Celebrate the joy, the fun, the memories,

Like I'm here, smilin' on e'ery track,

Play music, wipe the tears, sing it, please.

Don't mourn for me, I'm riding, Mack's back

Remember me, rejoice the sunset and sunrise,

Riding with you, e'ery highway, e'ery track

I love ya, miss me, don't mourn my demise.

Replay w' me, exactly it seems, Mack's back

Though my body's gone, my soul lives on

Sealed in notebooks, your hearts, e'ery track

Not self, newly revised, & fore'er your son.