May 18, 1989 - November 9, 2002

13 years old

Passed away peacefully in his sleep
at approximately 2 a.m. on 11/9/02.

Autopsy determined no known cause of death.

Medical Examiners suspect possible cardiac arrhythmia,
but we will never know for sure why.

BURIED... on November 12, 2002
wearing his cowboy boots,
with his cowboy hat resting on his chest.

PARENTS... Bill and Karen Davis

SIBLINGS... Sherilyn, Bert, Kaitlyn and Carmen


Jacob loved horses.
His death was sudden, tragic,
unexpected and unexplained.
Jacob was a good boy,
a wonderful son and brother
and a loyal friend.
He attended Lakeside Baptist Church.
He was a homeschooled student who previously
had attended Twin Oaks Elementary School.


There'll be no tears in Heaven,
I've heard the good folks say,
It's Paradise beyond your dreams,
With Beauty on display.

So it was no surprise to me,
To wake up on this side,
But when I knew you were not there,
I hung my head and cried.

And then an Angel came to me,
And lifted up my face.
"I've never seen a tear before,
Since I've been in this place.

Why are you crying my young man?
What makes you feel so sad?
Is Heaven not all that you dreamed?"
I said, "I miss my Dad."

"I miss my Mom and Sister,
And everyone who cared.
Nanny's crying, Papa's hurt,
And my cousins are so scared.

My loving Aunts and Uncles,
Are trying to be strong.
They want to try the best they can,
To help my folks along."

The Angel said, "Oh, now I see,
Why you are sad to find,
Your family's on the other side,
You've left them all behind.

But I have something wonderful,
To tell you, please come near,
Although they are not with you now,
One day they'll all be here.

You've only gone ahead of them,
You're starting life anew,
They cannot be here with you now,
They still have things to do.

And even though it seems to be,
A real long time to them,
In Heaven it will only be a moment,
My new friend.

So come with me, I'll show you now,
Amazing things to see,
And when they come,
They'll be so glad, to see you here with me."

There'll be no tears in Heaven,
You've heard the good folks say,
And we will be in Paradise,
Forever and a day.

Copyright 2002 Brenda Durant