In Loving Memory of Daniel Patrick Taggart (Danny)

Son of Maureen and Walter Taggart

Brother Sean, Sister Kelly

Born: June 13, 1991

Died: January 1, 2004

Cause of Death: Seizures

Location of Ashes: At Home

Danny was the sweetest 12 year old! He made an impact on everyone with his beautiful brown eyes, his smiles, his hugs, his humor, and his compassion. He had early struggles with Tourette syndrome, ADD, and dyslexia, but was affected very little by them as he reached 7th grade. Danny was in his first year of middle school, 7th grade, and was really enjoying it. He was making new friends, playing saxophone, working on the yearbook committee, representing his class in student government, and going to dances. He had signed up to be on the stage crew for the spring musical. He was also active in church. He bought plans to build a skateboard ramp. He loved cartoons - watching them, drawing them, and reading them. We love Danny and miss him terribly. His death has been so painful, but that pain can never outweigh the miracle of Danny's life.