Clinton Terry Milam (Clint)

April 7, 1993 - August 5, 2003

Age 10
Vehicle/Pedestrian Collision

PARENTS...Terry and Susan Milam

SISTERS...Amy and Melinda

PLACE OF BURIAL... Church of Christ Cemetery, Eagle Lake, Florida

Forever 10 and always on my mind,

frozen in that place, frozen in that time...

The perfect puddle under the perfect tree,

Looking for frogs, or flowers, for me...

Always happy, always carefree,

I see him running; like the wind thru the trees.

Sleeping in on Saturday, watching cartoons til noon -

Snorkeling with Dad or watching the moon,

Power Rangers, Pokemon, Captain Underpants, Sponge Bob -

To the world of a child, a world of wonder he belonged.

Big sparkling eyes, beautiful smile, living his life in his very own style...

Happy, adventurous, just as silly as could be,

Just another child to you...but the whole world to me.

Frozen in that place, frozen in that time -

Forever he'll stay 10 in my heart and in my mind.