Brandon Tyler Beshada

March 21, 1982 ~ April 1, 2007

25 years old

Surgical Complications
Toxic Poisoning

MOTHER... Sandy Beshada

LOCATION OF ASHES...Brandon rests at home with Mom

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You'll always be my child
I think of you each day,
Even though you must remain
so very far away.

A love as strong as this,
I've never felt before,
But you had to go away
up through Heaven's door.

You'll never have to suffer,
or feel pain or hate,
just peace and love and happiness
God has given you this fate.

I hope that you can feel
just how much I care,
And, When my days are over,
in a flash-I will be there.

Pure unbounding joy!
We'll never have to part.
You'll be right by my side
And not just in my heart.

But, until that day,
when my dream is real
I try to understand,
just how you want me to feel...

"Mom, I am fine!"
this must be what you would say
"Please don't be so sad,
we'll meet again one day.

I'm with God above -
so don't cry for me,
Our parting is but a moment
compared to eternity."

~Author Unknown~

I am Forever Loving and Missing you Brandon
You are and will forever be the very best part of me
I Love you Bigger than the World and with All My Heart