Arlyn Maria Beal

January 25, 1978 - August 8, 1996

Depression ending in suicide

Born in: Thomasville, Georgia

Buried in: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Thomasville, Georgia

Parents: Ronnie & Karyl Chastain Beal

Brother: Ron Beal

Arlyn's life ended one day when she put the barrel of an old hunting rifle in

her mouth and pulled the trigger. That one moment, however, does not define

her life, as she crammed more into 18 years, six months and two weeks and one

hour than many cram into 88 years. Arlyn was a precious gift to our family

and the world.

When we think of Arlyn, we also think of :

Purple hair,  butterfly tattoo,  candy,  Ron,  Ramen noodles,  her guitar, 

hugs, reading, Cabbage Patch dolls, peanut-butter & jelly sandwiches,

thoughtfulness, beauty pageants, Miss America dreams,  books, Princess of

Power sunglasses, cross-country running, math, Halcyon Home, debating,

 laughter, Governor's Honors Program, a thirst for knowledge, green, 1986

silver-grey Mazda, loyal friend, Hugh O'Brien leadership award, music,

  outstanding report cards, Most Intelligent Senior Girl award, Ron,

 green-grey eyes, teddy bears and stuffed bunnies, Paris, long dresses,

 playing the piano, the Colloquium, Misty, Amazing Grace, long hair,

  church acolyte at St.Thomas Episcopal Church, candles, 4-H projects,

 Thomas County Central High School, camping trips, writing, strawberries, 

Quincy's, Lydia, Disney World, shoes, long brown hair, combat boots,

impromptu ballet performances wearing a black tutu, angel-wings, thumb

sucking, John Ranney, philosophy, ice cream, lavendar, Wind Beneath My

Wings, lover of excitement, dreams, the moon.