Aaron Shoulders
July 24, 1985 - September 1, 2003

Age 18
Beaten and Stabbed by a Gang

PARENT...Steffi Stehwien

SIBLING...Chicoma Seaton 


To Aaron my beloved SONshine...

To see your beautiful face
And feel your warm embrace

To look into your big brown eyes
And see your dimpled smiles

To feel your tender touch
Am I asking too much?

To hear your deep strong voice
I no longer have this choice

To be in your presence once again
But all that's left now is too much pain

What did your killer(s) gain?
Were all your dreams in vain?

God gave you precious life
But on this earth is too much strive

They cut you down in your prime
Yet it was not your time

They stole you from me with so much violence and brutality
And now I am forced to accept and live this horrific reality

How do I live out my life without my only SON?
It appears that the evil ones have won

It's been six hundred and twenty-three days
I thought you would be with me always

NO JUSTICE has been served in any way
Your killer(s) are living free to this very day

I will fight for JUSTICE for you until I draw my last breath
And fight to STOP the VIOLENCE until my death

This is my mission until the day God calls me home
When we will be together forever in our Heavenly Home.....

In Loving Memory of Aaron Shoulders
Written by
Steffi Stehwien, Mom